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Longines: 175 years of precision and elegance of the time service

July 22, 2015

Presents since 1832 in Saint-Imier, the Compagnie des Montres Longines Francillon SA has established a continuous and intimate relationship with the village which has seen it grow and assert itself in the cenacle of the watchmakers of prestige. In 2007, the brand company, strong of a technical heritage and invaluable aesthetic, celebrates 175 years of existence. This anniversary provides an opportunity to put in perspective the creation and exploitation of know-how built in cross-searching of technical requirement and timeless elegance.

The development of watchmaking know-how developed by Longines fits in a long process of trial, trial and error and attempts to domesticate technically the measurement of time. At the discretion of its various moults (from the counter of watchmaking at the factory), the brand company has striven to couple his quest for accuracy in an aesthetic requirement which, today, the identity of its production.

In 1832, Auguste Agassiz entered the world of watchmaking associating with a counter installed in Saint-Imier which he will quickly assume responsibility Fake Rolex watches under the name "Agassiz & compagnie. The House then manufactures timepieces according to the method set by the établissage - in which the work is performed at home - and develops commercial links that allow it to sell its watches on other continents, across the Atlantic including.

During the 1850s, Ernest Francillon, the nephew of Agassiz, takes over the management of the counter on behalf of his uncle, forced by illness to delegate its responsibilities. It continues the activities of the House by focusing its efforts on the production of the current watch which he seeks to increase production. In 1862 Francillon gives its name to the House, but remains under the auspices of his uncle by registering the business under the name "Old Maison Auguste Agassiz, Ernest Francillon, successor".

Assuming the responsibilities of this deemed counter, it is considering the opportunities to develop the manufacturing methods used in regional watchmaking. His thoughts committed it to the consolidation of the different stages necessary for the completion of the watch, then scattered in one building.

Francillon wants to build a factory in which he can assemble and finish the watch through mechanical production processes. To carry out his project, he bought in 1866 two parcels of contiguous land, on the right bank of the Suze (River watering the Valley of Saint-Imier), at place called Les Longines.

When in 1867 Ernest Francillon manages to meet some of the workers at his desk in one building, he hired Jacques David, a young engineer from its parent, to help develop the machinery needed to the development of the manufacture of timepieces. Buildings must be continuously adapted to the growing business: in 1911, the Longines factory occupies more than 1,100 workers and runs his watchmaking creations around the world.

Therefore, the Longines factory knows, despite the many difficulties encountered, a development that rewards the initial boldness of Francillon. The Longines factory efforts aimed at improving the manufacture of timepieces by the use of mechanical production processes. For this purpose, Jacques David takes care to imagine and develop machines that will assist watchmakers in their book and will help them to improve the quality of their achievements.

Supporter of the introduction of mechanization in watchmaking and distinguished engineer, David went at the universal exhibition in Philadelphia's 1876 from which he returned with a report that will cause a substantive debate in the Swiss watchmaking Hublot Replica Watches. During the 1870s, the industrial options captured by Francillon are strengthened and the factory then continued uninterrupted deployment into the first third of the 20th century.

Various technical research within the factory have been recognized through various awards that give the company brand the title of "the most award-winning" Longines at international exhibitions, to Barcelona in 1929, with not less than ten Grands Prix (Antwerp 1885, Paris 1889, Brussels 1897, Paris 1900, Milan 1906, Bern 1914, Genoa 1914 (, Paris 1925, Philadelphia 1926, Barcelona 1929).

True to its tradition of technical innovation, Longines produced, in 1969, the first electronic cybernetic wristwatch quartz designed by the research of a watch manufacture laboratory. However, the innovations produced at the Longines do not restrict to an enrichment of pure watchmaking art.

Oldest brand still in activity, and without amendment, lodged at WIPO, the watch house used as early as 1867 already a logo - the winged hourglass - and the "Longines" brand as a quality control and to fight against counterfeits that were trying to take advantage of the reputation of its production.

Notoriety, prestige and the quality of his horological achievements have also charmed many personalities around the world. Heads of State, princesses, renowned athletes, artists and the movie stars have chosen Longines timepieces, appending their signature as a result of the long list of those who have placed their trust in the brand with the winged hourglass.

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